Monday, September 16, 2013


Our next event is less than 2 weeks away at the SPIRITS OF COLORADO PARANORMAL CONVENTION in Cripple Creek on Saturday, September 28th.

There's no better way to get ready for the Halloween season than to spend a day or night in a historic and haunted former gold mining town with ghost hunters, paranormal authors, psychics, mediums, scientists and celebs from "My Ghost Story", "Ghost Adventures" and "Day Of The Dead".

Attend a ghost hunt in an old jail, take haunted history or zombie walks through town, participate in a midnight morgue seance and sit in on several supernaturally stimulating lectures, presentations and classes.

We are holding our presentation at 4:pm in which we will share our most startling footage, photos and EVPs from our many years in the paranormal field.

Listen to our most hair/raising stories and ghosty voices captured on tape. See our most convincing collection of spirit photography and watch the unknown caught on video.

To register, call 719-291-2409 and visit for more info ( and registration specials )!

Be there and be scared!

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