Saturday, September 7, 2013

Prom Night Trading Cards

   Taking a little detour from the seriousness and intensity that blogging about the paranormal can be, I'm pausing for a moment to share with you some other news and humor.
   As giddily announced earlier in the summer, Synapse Films is currently at work restoring 1980's brilliant PROM NIGHT, which stars our favorite scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.  The original negative is reportedly in poor condition and is currently at the Synapse lab undergoing splicing fixes and repairs.

   While we're anxiously awaiting the results in full 1080p ( and getting ready to set up our yearly Jamie Lee Curtis shrine for the Halloween season ), I've created an amusing set of virtual PROM NIGHT Trading Cards for your enjoyment.
   These may only be appreciated and understood by true PROM NIGHT fans, who might further enhance their viewing experience with the rare Japanese PROM NIGHT soundtrack playing in the background.  
   For the uninitiated, the entire cult classic can be viewed on YouTube here:  
   We also added a new HUMOR page to our website, and fans of POLTERGEIST will be very pleased to see what we have coming up after PROM NIGHT.  
   Keep an eye on 
   And remember, "If you're not back by won't be coming home!"


- Christopher Allen Brewer, September, 2013


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