Saturday, August 3, 2013


The following is a new campaign of ours you will no doubt be hearing about later this year.  To better describe our mission statement and give you a glimpse of what we have coming this fall season, we'd like to introduce our newest spokesperson and mascot - Orby!  His campaign slogan is currently being printed on several t-shirts, flyers and other miscellaneous SpiritChasers swag we plan on giving out shortly.

Our dance card is rapidly filling up with private investigations, ghost tours, radio interviews, the launching of a new website ( hopefully more television appearances ), an upcoming weekly comic, another paranormal convention in Cripple Creek next month and a special presentation of our own on October 30th, not to mention the completion of the seventh episode of our yearly SpiritChasers documentary.  For the latest updates and light paranormal entertainment, please visit our Facebook page at


What I have been withholding in new blogs is being gradually applied to a book, hence the irregularity in our postings.  And yet as the veil draws thinner the closer we move toward autumn, we will have many entertaining and thought-provoking blogs for your enjoyment.

So, without further adieu, here's the lowdown from our new MC:

Can you guess what I am?

A.      Dust

B.      A Ghost

C.      Swamp Gas

D.      Depends

E.       Cute
   If you guessed cute, you guessed correctly!  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it depends.  Go outside at night and pick up a handful of dirt, then throw it in the air and take a picture with the flash on.  See all the orbs?  But sometimes I show up when there is no dirt or dust in front of the camera.  What am I then?  Again, it depends.  Everyone has different beliefs.  I’ve been called a ghost, an angel, a demon, a fairy and more, but most times people say I’m just dust.  It’s a popular belief, and it makes people feel safe to think I’m something they can easily explain.


   Still, we live in a world full of mystery, and there are so many things, both beautiful and strange, that we may never have the answers to.  If everyone dismissed me as no more than dust, then they’d be a long way from the answers they seek, from the greater mysteries staring them right in the face.  It takes courage to believe in something different and to commit to that belief, but when you do your perception widens to accommodate a larger vision of existence.  When that happens, I’ll be able to introduce you to some of my friends!


   Right now, I’m becoming an endangered species.  There are so many people into “debunking” as opposed to exploring that I may disappear from your reality entirely.  It makes people feel smart when they play investigators, just like the people on TV.  The big trend now is for others to prove that something is not what you thought it was - even if they weren’t there when it happened!  Although a healthy dose of skepticism is good for you, many people take it too far.  Unfortunately, their “scientific” minds will always search for rational solutions to their problems, but my friends and I come from a place uncharted and unknown - a realm that can never truly be understood.

   No matter the latest technology or agreed-upon consensus, I delight in living outside the borders of the quantifiable .  And yet, the spirit of things is gradually becoming erased, as is the sense of wonder.  This truly is an age of signs and wonders, but only for those who can recognize them as such.  In this day and age, people get to be instant scientists, instant detectives, re-enacting the things they see on television with blinking tools and the sense of power they feel in taking something away from others ( personal experiences, for example ).  It can get them a lot of attention, because it is in your nature to judge, and to cast out or demonize the things which reflect the parts of yourselves you don’t want to see.


   But what if some of those things were actually miraculous?  What if there were misunderstood pieces of our DNA just waiting to be activated, waiting for a great shift in human consciousness that could take us to the stars, to new dimensions, to discoveries too great to fathom?  What if something was orchestrating bizarre events in an effort to get our attention, to help get us ready, but there were too many non-believers claiming these were simply hoaxes?  And what if one day it all just stopped?  No more miracles, no more mystery, no more hidden wisdom or hidden treasure just waiting to be found.  Every legend and story stripped of its soul so that everything could be explained in the most sterile, tidy, neat and convenient pieces of information.  And what if a millennia later, when science had failed to save humanity from itself, those orchestrators returned, and we asked them where they were when we needed them the most?  And what if they told us they had always been here, and they did everything they could to get our attention, but we wouldn’t believe them?


   Fortunately, there are still a great many of you who delight in playing in the twilight anyway, during those times when the veil between our worlds is at its thinnest.  You are the people me and my friends look for, because you are the most fun to play with!  So in the meantime, if you happen to take a picture and you see me in it, you are entitled to believe whatever you wish.  If you saw me in a sacred garden reportedly inhabited by fairies, I might just be one!  If you saw me in a haunted house, well then I might have been a ghost!  But if someone tells you all you got was dust, just tell them that it was your experience, and you don’t require anyone telling you how you actually experienced it.  It’s yours and yours alone, and no one can take that away from you!  Leave others to their smelly swamp gas, we can have fun playing where our two worlds meet, where stories, legends and myths grant immortality, adventure, and wonders too amazing to fathom.  I’ll believe in you if you believe in me. 

Save The Orbs!


- Christopher Allen Brewer, August, 2013


  1. This is a great post! I am totally on board! Not all Orbs are dust or water particles. I have had the great fortune to capture quite a few in photograph and I know some of the Orbs were not that easily labeled!

    I am a newbie here at your blog. And I have been devouring your posts! I can relate to so much of what you have written.
    I grew up in the San Luis Valley and have seen and experienced things that are not in everyone's normal scope of every day experiences. I look forward to your talk at the upcoming Paranormal Convention in Cripple Creek.

    1. Yay! Another noob! And thank you, Jeanne - I really appreciate you taking the time to write and the smile it put on my face. It's not always easy finding time to write inbetween a typical 9 to 5 and my extracurricular supernatural activities but when I do reading inspiring comments like yours always makes it worthwhile. Looking forward to meeting you at the convention, we're going to have a blast!