Friday, June 7, 2013


   We are finally presenting some very exciting findings from one of our favorite and most memorable hunts / haunts to date. This investigation occurred last April, the week just before StarFest, and included myself, James, our dear friend Brett, and Debi - who we employed to act as our medium.  I'm extending special thanks to Brett for capturing the jaw-dropping footage you'll see in a moment and to Debi for her spot-on impressions.

   We have been out in the field chasing down more evidence of the extraordinary and continuing to expand our perception to accommodate more wonder.  As with one of the Widefield investigations where we were able to capture photographs from the fairy realm, we have a similar hunt planned in August with another set of elusive entities in one of Colorado's most legendary hot-spots.  It's sure to be out of this world.  For our very latest updates, please visit our Facebook page at

   We recently returned from Denver Comic Con and the had the pleasure of meeting William Shatner and Wil Wheaton.  Here's one of my favorite moments from the con:

   "Wow, Lady Deathstrike herself ( the lady in black here - Kelly Hu ) who gave Wolverine a run for his money in XMen 2 ( who also starred in Arrow, Warehouse 13, The Scorpion King and others ) was shopping right by me and I didn't even know.

   I was taken by the Agent Mulder action figure, having been a Mulder all my life ( now very actively with The SpiritChasers ). I expressed interest in having it to this dude ( seen here standing next to me ) and he said it was from his private collection.  He asked if it would make me happy to have it, and I said yes. So then he just gives it to me! I will think of his kindness whenever I watch The X-Files ( which is pretty damn often ).
   There were some very decent peeps at this con and the artists were utterly amazing. I kept hearing, "wow, I wish I could do that." I was thinking the same thing when meeting William Shatner and Wil Wheaton. And you know, I think in some way I eventually will..."
   While in Denver, we stopped off at an old Victorian building off 32nd and Newton.  This is the home I lived in with my mother and father when we first migrated from South Dakota after my birth.  For those of you who know our history, this is the place where I roomed with the spirit of a woman who'd hung herself in my bedroom closet.  This is the place where a heavy cellar door slammed shut by itself, just catching my pinky, forever scarring me and symbolically branding me with an interest in life's great unknowns.

   I feel we have come full circle and our August road trip will take us to a place we have not been together since James and I first met.  We have been watching plenty of The X-Files to get our intention up and out and our present has been seasoned with much synchronicity, deja vu and dreamtime downloads.  I feel this will be a very powerful year for us and we're looking forward to sending you some very extraordinary postcards from the paranormal.

   We're also very elated to announce that we will be appearing at the SPIRITS OF COLORADO PARANORMAL CONVENTION on Saturday, September 28th at 4PM, hosted by author and owner of Blue Moon Haunted History Tours Stephanie Waters. She gave us a special mention in her brand new book, FORGOTTEN TALES OF COLORADO, and we will be providing one of our most hair-raising stories in her next book, GHOSTS, LEGENDS AND LORE OF COLORADO. Our presentation at Stephanie's SPIRITS OF VICTOR paranormal convention last year was unforgettable, and we're planning something even more special for this year. This year's event will be held in Cripple Creek, a location which is home to some very legendary hauntings. There are several other spine-tingling activities planned and we are honored and thrilled to have once more been invited to join in on the supernatural goings on. Details to follow as the convention nears. Save the date ( and save the orbs )!

We will be making more radio appearances in the months to come in addition to getting back into the habit of writing and sharing the gift of deep story, but for now please enjoy some of the fruits of our labor.


"To Boldly Go..."

- Christopher Allen Brewer, June, 2013

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