Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook Weekly Roundup - Thursday April 4 To Friday, April 12



FaceBook Weekly Roundup
   As many of our readers avoid Facebook like the bird flu, we have moved some of our more recent updates from our SpiritChasers Facebook Page here to Blogspot.  We’re hoping this will prove just as convenient – bite-size blogging for seekers on the go, and lots of great video links to click on!  And so…
Thursday April 4th, 2013
“In Search Of”
   I was only four when this series first aired, but it was the first show I remember watching with my father. In that time, things were very different, but the lure of a classic ghost story was just as exciting as it is today.  Back then, all the stories, from In Search Of to the cheesy "haunted" episodes of Charlies Angels, The Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and others, all included the same simple elements: curtains billowing in the wind, swinging chandeliers, creaky floorboards and doors opening by themselves, flickering candles, the sounds of ghostly moaning and the rattling of chains, shrieking winds accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms ( always a storm ! ) whose blinding light flashed across spooky oil paintings of mysterious long-dead ancestors...
    That's all it took to set the mood in that much simpler time, and in our modern day where many of us find ourselves so desensitized to shock values, CGI and flash-editing, I miss that old romantisicm, and mysticism, the gentle wonder that the same things depicted on these programs could be happening in your own home, as they in fact did all throughout my upbringing. Mystery could still be mystery for the sake of mystery back then, without the inexhaustible number of teams we have today rushing in to "debunk" it all away, tearing the spirit out of everything so their own little corner of the universe makes smart sense and feels safe.
    The SpiritChasers began as a cheesy VHS after-hours, low-budget retro paranormal infomercial, the one you'd find on some obscure local cable channel. We were giving props back to that which originally inspired and shaped us, but most of all, as we always will, to the gift and lure of a classic ghost story, the inevitable creation of myth, and the ultimate preservation of mystery.
   Give us a swinging chandelier and a flickering candle any day...
Friday April 5th, 2013

“In Search Of…The Ghost Ship”:

Monday April 8th, 2013
This Poor Family!  ( "The People's Court : Haunted House" )
Tuesday April 9th, 2013
Another favorite from my childhood ( and still a favorite ). Anyone remember this one?  ( “The Ghost Of Flight 401” )
Wednesday April 10th, 2013
   In elementary school, when other kids were reading Apple Paperbacks, Nancy Drew or Choose Your Own Adventure, I was already deeply immersed in a series of unsettling books written by a husband and wife investigative team who sought out "all that which is hidden" in our world ( i.e., the occult ). They educated me, scared me, inspired and empowered me to greet the mysteries in my own life with courage, dignity and respect. They were two of my very first heroes and I hope an upcoming film honors them in a way that brings them the same happiness they brought me.
    I would read their books by candlelight when storms were approaching - naturally enhancing the atmosphere, shivering underneath a blanket and watching the bizarre shadows the lightning made on our walls. Turning page after page of real ghost stories, trying to see how far I could get with curtains flapping and winds howling before I had to run and turn the lights back on. I was exploring my boundaries of fear and I remember the utter triumph when I finished an entire chapter like this alone, so entranced by the experiences of the Warrens.
    Years later, another Native American boy would befriend them and appear in a television series with them, and they would go off on exciting adventures through the paranormal and once more I found I could only watch so much before turning off the television set. Not out of fear, but out of an intense regret that he was doing exactly what I had fantasized about throughout my entire childhood.
    Still, I would make other aquaintences, wonderful friends, and meet a partner of my own with whom I could finally peer through that mysterious veil. Our adventures have been incredible and wonderous and I express my gratitude to each of those we have met on our own search for that which is hidden who share the exact same delight whenever we go knocking and something knocks back.   ( “The Conjuring, Trailer 2 – 2013” )
Friday April 12th, 2013

“In Search Of…The Amityville Horror” ( )
    Hoax or authentic haunting? This is one story which never fails to generate controversy and possibly conspiracy. It's still good storytelling nonetheless ( no comment on the film installments - unless you like your Meg Ryan in 3D ).
    The SpiritChasers will also be present at an equally notorious Denver mansion tomorrow ( Saturday ) evening and are hoping to share some exciting findings with you next week ( 3D glasses optional )!
    Until next week…!
  -  Christopher Allen Brewer, April 2013

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