Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As Body Follows Spirit

   Christopher is currently recovering from yesterday's successful surgery but wanted to thank everyone who attended the paranormal convention in Victor last Saturday.  Big blessings to Stephanie Waters who organized the event and provided everyone with quite the paranormal playground despite being under the weather herself. She and Bob described The SpiritChasers as rockstars and are looking forward to future events.

   Your presence at The SC presentation meant the world to C&J, and even though they were misdirected to the Elks Lodge investigation instead of the cemetery, they hope you still D.I.Y. and had a good time.  Chris & James were still recording EVPs in the basement when authorities arrived at the cemetery, while others were lost in the pitch-black night altogether.  It was a chaotic evening but still an exciting one.

   Laura Westfall was an excellent seance host and her presentation with hubby Craig on the origins of Halloween was mesmerizing.  The levitating planchette is something The SpiritChasers are sure to never forget as well as all the startling EVPs collected by fellow instructors and guests.

   James & Chris ended their evening in the haunted Victor Hotel, staying up well past 4 investigating the lobby, riding the elevator, watching the infrared detector go on and off, taking photos in the dark, and watching The Scariest Places On Earth on their portable DVD player while reenacting all the funny bits.  Pics and a new blog will be posted as Chris recuperates.

   The SpiritChasers will also be involved in the Manitou cemetery ghost hunt this Saturday night as well as the chapel at the Evergreen cemetery on the Saturday the 27th.  The following Tuesday the 30th, they will be appearing on After Dark With Dr. Mike ( Christopher's 4th appearance on this popular radio program ) for another evening of spooky stories and Halloween lore.

   SpiritChasers 6 may be bumped to a Thanksgiving premier as body attempts to follow spirit.  Christopher also composed all new, original theatrical music for this year's film which, judging from the applause at last Saturday's lecture, is sure to add another exciting dimension to their art.

   It has been a busy Autumn for everyone and we are looking forward to sharing stories new and old as the veil draws ever thin.  Light your jack-o-lanterns, turn off the lights and open up the brand-new "Best Of Ghosts Caught On Film" as the leaves rustle outside and the night sky glows with an ever-growing spectral parade...

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