Monday, September 17, 2012

Spirits Of Victor

   The SpiritChasers will be one of the many talented, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable presenters at the upcoming "Spirits Of Victor Paranormal Convention & Supernatural Slumber Party" on Saturday, October 13th.  We will all be staying at the haunted Victor Hotel, which has quite an interesting history for all of you spiritchasing buffs.  The hotel was originally built in the 1890's, destroyed by a fire in 1899, then rebuilt.  Back then, from October to June, the ground was too frozen to bury the deceased without the aid of modern equipment, so they were stored on the hotel's fourth floor until summer.  Also, a gentleman named "Eddie", who used to stay in room #301, fell to his death down the elevator shaft.  The elevator still operates by itself, stopping on the third floor, as it did when organizer Stephanie Waters called to arrange our stay.  There are many historic spots in Victor with supernatural legends surrounding them, and we are obviously very excited to be a part of this very exciting event.

   We will be staying on the fourth floor ( room 301 having already been claimed ) and will be presenting a lecture from 3-3:50.  James and I will also be participating in one of the stops on the ghost walk from 7-9pm.  We are concluding the evening with an investigation of the hotel as well as a seance afterward.  We will be up well past "dead time" taking photos, telling stories and hoping to capture EVP.

   The following photos were taken at another haunted location, from our radio broadcast last week on "After Dark With Dr. Mike".  The building used to be a medical facility, and many persons suffering from tuberculosis passed away there.  We experienced some odd phenomena here on a previous visit with Lu from Independent Paranormal Consulting and Haunted Like Me.  The accompanying quotes are also from our last show there.  We will return to After Dark With Dr. Mike in October with Stephanie Waters to talk about the convention, Victor, and other stories.  I have returned to the paranormal field and continue to film material for use in SpiritChasers 6.  I will have much more to share in the coming season.

   Thank you for reading,

   - Christopher Allen Brewer, September, 2012

"Keep thinking young.  Reclaim your sense of wonder.  We were young in the eighties, we grew up watching Poltergeist, really wanting to live in a ghost story, and now we can."

   "They ( the Biography Channel ) flew a cameraman down to film us in the cave...from noon until 9 or 10pm, when there was no one else in the cave.  It was just us, the cameraman and one of the tour guides."

   ( Dr. Mike: "At Cave Of The Winds?" )

   "Yeah.  And we actually got more evidence the second time than we did the first.  I'm convinced, I really do believe that, just as the Ute Indians have said, that's it's an entrance to the 'Underworld'."


   "( We're ) always gravitating toward 'that which is hidden', we do this as kids, whether it's hidden Christmas presents or adult content.  Keep embracing mystery, engaging in this call-and-response with the Divine."

   "We are creatures of instinct, but also of intuition.  We have more talents than we're led to believe.  Like when you feel someone watching you, where does that come from?  That's a sixth sense.  We all have that.  We've all experienced that at some point in our lives."


   "It's really up to the individual.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether you want to call this paranormal or have every right to do goes back to the 'haters' and these people wanting to take an experience away from you.  If you get a picture with this fuzzy little white orb and you swear that it's a ghost, we're not going to take that away from you.  That's your experience.  We all have this built-in intuition, if it felt like something 'otherworldly' or 'supernatural', go ahead and call it that.  That's you're experience and you're entitled to that."


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